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A great buddy for all of your activities

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Picture a devoted friend, always ready to make loading and unloading your sports and outdoor equipment on the roof of your car a whole lot easier… That’s the offer of the MOS UpLift™, the lift-assist roof rack that redefines versatility. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, watersports enthusiast or mountain activity junkie, summer or winter, the MOS UpLift™ is a great buddy you won’t be able to live without.

1 product, 4 uses for our 4 seasons

Designed to be compatible with the majority of mounting accessories available on the market, the MOS UpLift™ increases the possibilities for sports enthusiasts. Moreover, you’ll be able to use it all year round! What more could you ask for someone who enjoys multiple sporting activities? With our roof rack, any type of bike, kayaks, skis, snowboards as well as roof boxes can be transported.


The MOS UpLift™ is compatible with bike mounting accessories of all kinds; road bike, mountain bike, fatbike and electric bike. Simply install the bike rack of your choice (mounting with or without the wheel) using the MOS UpLift™’s 20 x 20 mm T-slots, or in clamps around its arms. The MOS UpLift™ can carry up to 2 bikes, as long as the total load doesn’t exceed 85 lbs. Got a lot of bikes to transport? No problem! It’s also possible to have two MOS UpLift™ on the roof of the car (one on each side of the crossbars). The fun, safe way to go from car to adventure in seconds.

A great buddy for your bikes


It’s possible to install your kayak directly on the MOS UpLift™ using the straps provided. You’ll be able to see all the benefits of having an additional 2 feet (61 cm) of reach when loading and unloading watercraft on the roof of your vehicle! However, we strongly recommend the use of a kayak mount on the MOS UpLift™ (cradles or J-racks) to ensure optimum safety and stability when on the road. Please note that due to the maximum load capacity of 85 lb, double kayaks cannot be transported on a MOS UpLift™.

Skis and snowboard

The horizontal deployment of the MOS mount allows you to access your equipment without having to climb over the roof of your vehicle. Jealousy in the parking lot of your favorite ski resorts guaranteed. The MOS UpLift™ is compatible with brackets featuring 20 x 20 mm T-slides and accessories with a clamp that clamps around the bars. With the MOS UpLift™ you save your energy for racing down the ski slopes.


As you know, going on an adventure in the great outdoors means a lot of gear to pack in the car. The roof box lets you increase your vehicle’s storage capacity. The MOS UpLift™ then gives you simplified access to its roof. Roof boxes and baskets 26 inches wide or less install quickly on the MOS roof rack.

A great buddy all year round

Indeed, the MOS UpLift™ really is the ultimate adventure companion, allowing you to live your passions without compromise or limits.

Refer to our user’s guide and frequently asked questions to find out all about the compatibility and versatility of the MOS UpLift™ with the equipment and vehicle you own.