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The best ski and snowboard racks

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best ski snowboard racks

Since the pandemic, winter sports have been on the rise among Quebecers. Many of them have now made winter sports part of their routine. However, with the practice of these new sports comes the need to properly transport one’s equipment. Storing skis and snowboards in the passenger compartment of the car can prove dangerous in the event of an accident on the road. The equipment is heavy and sharp, and could cause serious injury to passengers. It is therefore essential to know what criteria to prioritize when making such a purchase. The MOS Team has come together to better equip you on the aspects to consider when purchasing a ski and snowboard rack, as well as to suggest the best ski and snowboard racks tested with the MOS UpLift™.

best ski snowboard racks

How to choose a ski and snowboard rack ?

The key elements to consider when buying a ski and snowboard rack are compatibility with your vehicle, load capacity, the option of a locking system and material.

Compatibility with your vehicule

Compatibility with your car is the most important factor. Check also, your compatibility with the MOS UpLift™ here. It may be necessary to purchase crossbars. These are produced by outdoor specialists in the market and therefore ensure the support of a greater load, than the manufacturer’s crossbars. Ski rack retailers will be able to tell you if your car model and year are compatible with the ski rack you’re considering. There are other types of rack on the market that don’t require the installation of roof rails. Team MOS strongly advises against rear-mounted ski racks. The magnetic mounts are also less stable and can cause movements that will damage your car.

Ski and snowboard capacity

Loading capacity corresponds to the number of skis and snowboards you need to transport. That’s why it’s best to choose ski racks that have a large capacity but don’t weigh too much. In this way, you leave room for carrying more sporting equipment if required. Snowboards take up about twice as much space as a pair of skis. So if you need to carry the equivalent of 2 snowboards, you’ll need a rack that can accommodate 4 pairs of skis. Also, don’t forget to consider the maximum load supported by your roof or crossbars.

The locking system

Opting for a ski rack with a locking system will provide added security for your sports equipment. Not only will you be reassured that your equipment is safe at any stop along the way, but also that it won’t come loose while driving.

The material

You can choose your ski and snowboard rack according to its composition. It’s important to consider the material in relation to its intended use and maintenance. Indeed, if you plan to be on the slopes every weekend and have to travel some distance to do so, we suggest you go for an aluminum model. Lightweight, very sturdy and quite aesthetically pleasing, an aluminum rack will be very reliable and will only slightly increase your fuel consumption. However, you’ll have to pay a higher price for this material. On the other hand, steel is more economical and robust. However, its robustness comes at a price: it will be heavier and increase your fuel consumption. It should be noted that steel is also more vulnerable to corrosion, so for less frequent use, it can be a good option. To limit the progressive deterioration of the material, you can uninstall your rack after each use.

What about the MOS UpLift™ ?

Thanks to its assisted-lift system, the MOS UpLift™ supports up to 85 lbs and safely transports your sports and outdoor equipment. The MOS UpLift™ will come down and make your roof-mounted ski and snowboard rack more accessible by 2 feet (61 cm). Stop wasting time accessing the car roof in the parking lot and go hit the slopes with the fast and safe access provided by the MOS UpLift™.

best ski snowboard racks

The best ski and snowboard racks tested with the MOS UpLift™*

In short, the selection criteria when buying a ski rack are : 

  • Compatibility with your vehicle
  • Loading capacity
  • Locking system
  • The material

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*The models selected are not the only ones compatible with the MOS UpLift™, but a selection of well-known and proven brands.