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The best bike racks

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the best bike rack

To make the most of your summer and explore Quebec’s bike trails, we all have to deal with loading and unloading our bikes. One thing’s for sure, whatever your level of skill is on two wheels, we all want to buy the best bike racks. This article will help you narrow down your search and find the best bike rack for your needs. We propose the best bike rack compatible with the MOS UpLift™, allowing you to keep sport for sport’s and safely transport your precious bicycles.

the best bike racks

The different types of bike rack

Let’s start with the different types of bike rack available on the market: trunk-mounted, trailer-mounted, roof-mounted and suction-mounted. 

Trunk-mounted bike racks

This type of bike rack is very useful if you don’t have a trailer hitch, or if you don’t ride your bike enough to buy one. However, it obstructs the driver’s rear view enormously and needs to be adjusted for each installation.

the best bike rack

The bike rack to be mounted on the trailer hitch

Two main types of bike rack are derived from this model: the suspended option and the platform option. The “suspended” or “bar” type supports the bike by its frame, while the platform type supports it by its wheels. The suspended model can damage your frame over time. The vibrations and pressure caused by transport can be damaging. Don’t consider this support if you have a high-end or carbon-fiber bike. However, this rack may well suit occasional cyclists or families who wish to transport several bikes at once. One of the best things about bar-type racks is their compatibility with children’s bikes, which is not often the case with other types of rack.

Platform-type racks hold bikes by the wheels, and are recommended for carbon-fiber bikes or heavier bikes such as electric bikes. The majority of models available on the market are foldable, which considerably reduces their size. So, once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can fold it in on itself and limit the risk of damage. This feature also optimizes storage when not in use. This type of bike rack often features a locking system for your bikes and for the rack itself, an asset not to be overlooked.

The roof-mounted bike rack

Roof racks are well known and appreciated for their ability to hold a wide range of accessories: bicycles, kayaks, roof boxes, skis – in short, it’s the versatile sportsmen and women who often prioritize this type of rack. Their high load capacity and stability are distinctive advantages for this bike rack. It is therefore often the model of choice for top-of-the-range bicycles. Other advantages are that it doesn’t obstruct your rear view and keeps the car boot accessible at all times. However, it remains among the most expensive models, can be noisy when too much wind is applied, and increases the vehicle’s fuel consumption. It should be noted that these supports require  crossbars, and therefore represent an additional expense if you don’t already own one. Finally, accessibility is the biggest problem for roof-mounted bike racks. Fortunately, the MOS UpLift™ will take care of lowering your sports and outdoor equipment 2 feet lower (61 cm) to the side of the vehicle if you opt for this type of rack.

The suction bike rack

The suction bike rack is a fairly recent innovative option that is interesting for people who don’t have a trailer hitch, roof racks or access to large storage space at home. First of all, you need to know that the technology behind this model enables your bikes to be transported thanks to the suction effect. This means your bikes can be transported either on the roof of your car, in your rear window – in short, you choose the installation location from a number of options. Suction-cup bike racks are easy to uninstall, and thanks to their small size, can even be stored in your trunk at all times. A disadvantage that may displease users is the need to remove the front wheel when using it.

How to choose a bike rack

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the types of bike racks on the market, we can move on to the main features to look out for when making your purchase. These include the type of bike to be transported, the rack’s load capacity, its compatibility with the car, the type of attachment and the possibility of locking.

The type of bike

To narrow down your search, you need to choose the best bike rack according to the type of bike to be transported, as well as the number. As mentioned earlier, if you have a high-end bike, you don’t want a suspension-type rack that will damage your frame over time. Conversely, if you want to carry a lot of bikes at once, including those of your children, this type of rack will be ideal for you. 

Load capacity

The weight of the loads to be transported is extremely important. In fact, it goes hand in hand with the type and number of bikes to be transported. An electric bike is heavier than a road bike, so they are not designed for the same racks.

Car compatibility

Compatibility with the car is an important consideration when buying a bike rack. Does my rack require crossbars or a trailer hitch? These are important questions to think about. What’s more, if you’re thinking of buying a trunk-mounted bike rack, you should check whether the product is made for an SUV, sedan, etc. The best way to answer these questions is to consult the user’s guide (often available online) or check with a retailer’s customer service department. Want to know more about your car’s compatibility with our MOS UpLift™ roof mount? Test our compatibility tool.

The locking system

Lockability is a feature to be considered in relation to your needs. Are you planning to travel with your bikes from your home to the cottage directly, or are you planning to use them for outdoor weekends? If you plan to make a lot of stops in public places, we strongly advise you to choose a rack that bars your bikes and bars itself. The last thing you want when you’re out in the fresh air is to have your head in another place!

What about the MOS UpLift™?

The MOS UpLift™ is an assisted lifting system that will make transporting your bikes a whole lot easier. Roof access problems are a thing of the past with its two strong arms that lower your sports equipment 2 feet (61 cm) to the side of the vehicle.

the best bike rack

The best bike racks tested with the MOS UpLift™*

To make your search for the best bike rack easier, Team MOS has compiled a list of racks compatible with the MOS UpLift™.

In short, the essential features when buying a bike carrier are : 

-Type of bike

-Number of bikes to be transported

– Load capacity

– Car compatibility

– Locking system

Want to know more about the equipment you need to enjoy your outdoor activities? Check out our articles on the best roof boxes, kayak racks, ski and snowboard racks or even the best crossbars.

*The models selected are not the only ones compatible with the MOS UpLift™, but a selection of well-known and proven brands.