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The MOS UpLiftTM The MOS UpLiftTM can be installed on conventional crossbars, as long as they can support a minimum of 75 kg (165 lbs). It is compatible with most accessories designed to carry your sporting and outdoor equipment, so you don’t need to buy new ones. Not bad, huh?


One of the problems with roof racks is that they are… on the roof. That’s why the MOS UpLiftTM deploys 61 cm (2 ft) down towards the ground to let you install your equipment at a convenient height while keeping everything horizontal. As simple as that, adventure is within your reach.


Kayaks, roof boxes, skis, road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, fatbikes: the MOS UpLiftTTM can hold a wide range of equipment. It carries up to 38.5 kg (85 lbs) and installs quick as a flash.

Why choose MOS?

It all started during a Startup Weekend in Quebec where we wondered why consumers continued to use the same-old inconvenient roof racks. Answer: because it was their only choice. So, we decided to design an innovative car transport accessory that would make the lives of outdoor enthusiasts a lot easier. It would be a durable and versatile accessory that is quick and simple to use.

Our products are conceived and designed by our team in Quebec. Some of our parts are produced in Canada and Quebec, while assembly takes place in a factory in Vietnam known for its excellent working conditions and the quality of its production, two very important aspects for us. Finally, the merchandise is tested at Faction Bike Studio, in Granby, Quebec.

Nature is our main source of inspiration, so it goes without saying that we do everything possible to reduce MOS’ ecological footprint. This is why we prioritize eco-design in all phases of production, from design to the choice of materials and suppliers, the assembly line and transport.

One of the strengths of the MOS team is that we surround ourselves with experts. Our team of employees and trainees works in collaboration with specialistsat all stages of product design, manufacturing, strategy and marketing.

Support from our customers

I love my MOS rack. I only have good things to say about it.


Mazda 5


Mountain Bike and Kayak

My MOS rack causes a lot of talk in parking lots; I’m more than happy to recommend this Quebec product.


Volvo XC60


Electric Bike

I have two of these excellent products, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you, and keep up your excellent relationship with customers.


Subaru Crosstrek


Sea kayak, bikes, roof box

I love my MOS rack, I recommend it to everyone. Last summer during outings, I was approached several times by people who wanted to take a closer look at the MOS support and ask me questions about it.


Hyundai Tucson


River Kayak, Mountain Bike and Camping Equipment

The MOS Rack has made my job so much easier. Even though I’m small, I can now easily put my kayak on the roof.


Chevrolet Trax


Flatwater Kayak

MOS inspires adventure