MOS UpLift

Two MOS UpLifts can be installed per vehicle. If you mount only one MOS UpLift onto your vehicle, we recommend installing it on the passenger side.

*The maximum load capacity of your roof racks and other accessories attached to your vehicle must be respected at all times.

To validate the compatibility of your vehicle, roof racks, mounting accessories and equipment with the MOS UpLift, read the User Guide.

In general, the following equipment can be mounted onto the MOS UpLift:

2 road bikes

1 or 2 fatbikes

1 or 2 mountain bikes

1 electrically assisted bicycle (EAB)

1 kayak

1 cargo box

2 pairs of skis

2 snowboards

*Your mounting hardware must be appropriate for the type of equipment you want to carry on the MOS UpLift.

*At all times, please respect the total loading capacity of the MOS UpLift, the attachment accessories, and the crossbars.

*Refer to the User and Installation Guide of the equipment installed on your vehicle and follow all safety instructions.

 You can see the MOS UpLift in augmented reality as well as a 3D model at www.mosracks.com.

You will be able to see and try the MOS UpLift at retail outlets during spring 2023.

It is also possible to come and try the MOS UpLift directly at our office. Contact our customer service to make an appointment with our team.

The MOS team participates in various events, shows and sports competitions. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events.