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The best roof boxes

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best roof boxes

Summer or winter, a roof box is an interesting piece of equipment for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. No need to compromise, you can now carry several sports items, optimize storage and gain space in the car. It’s a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and an essential for young families with lots of equipment to load into the car. However, the purchase of a roof box is not without its implications, and needs to be well thought through. The MOS Team has come together to help you choose the caracteristics to consider when buying a roof box, and to suggest models compatible with the MOS UpLift™.

best roof boxes

How to choose a roof box ?

Carrying items on your crossbars is not something to be taken lightly. You need to make sure you meet certain road safety requirements. First of all, you need to check the compatibility with your car, the load capacity, the possibility of having a lock system and finally, make sure that the roof box will meet your needs. You should also remember to leave the front window clear and have access to the trunk.

Compatibility with your car

It’s important to understand that the roof box will be mounted on your crossbars.  Therefore, you need to ensure that the roof box is compatible with your crossbars. You should also consider the model of your car when making your purchase. For example, if you own a smaller car, you’ll need to consider a shorter box as well.

Load capacity

The load capacity of your vehicle’s roof and crossbars is an essential information to know. Are you planning to transport several pairs of skis, or a few sports equipment items for the family? If you don’t respect the load limit of your roof box, it could wear out more quickly in the anchorages. It’ll be harder to convince the retailer that you’ve made good use of it and goodbye warranty! In summary, consider the maximum load of your roof, your crossbars, your sports and outdoor equipment to be transported and the MOS UpLift™ when buying a roof box.

The locking system

All roof boxes have a locking system. However, not all roof boxes have multiple locks. Having a multi-point locking system is very interesting, as it makes the box more solid. The locking system is a feature to look out for when buying a roof box.

To suit your lifestyle

To find the best roof box for your lifestyle, you need to think about its main purpose. If you practice a winter sport, don’t forget to consider the longest pair of skis you own, when checking the dimensions. Generally speaking, large roof boxes can accommodate 3 to 7 skis or 3 to 5 boards. 

A roof box can also be used for extra storage when you’ve got a lot of miles to drive. In fact, it’s a great accessory to have to store all the equipment you need for your travels. Think about the items you want to carry, so you can select the right size when buying a roof box.

If you’re a kayak or bike enthusiast, we recommend you choose a smaller roof box – in other words, a sport model – to leave space on your crossbars for your bike or kayak rack.

What’s more, a roof box can be a good idea to compensate for a small car. For example, if you need to carry strollers or baby car seats, a small roof box will be enough to contain these items.

What about the MOS UpLift™ ?

Thanks to its assisted lift system, the MOS UpLift™ will support up to 85 lbs and safely transport your sports and outdoor equipment. The MOS UpLift™ will come down and make your box installed on the car roof 2 feet (61 cm) lower on the side of your car. Note that the multisport roof rack can accommodate roof boxes up to 26 inches maximum in width. Your roof boxes 26 inches and less in width will therefore be able to go on the two strong arms of the MOS UpLift™.

best roof boxes

The best roof boxes tested with the MOS UpLift™*

In summary, the criterias to consider when buying a roof box are : 

  • The compatibility with your vehicle
  • Load capacity
  • Locking system
  • Your needs

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*The models selected are not the only ones compatible with the MOS UpLift™, but a selection of well-known and proven brands.