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Why the MOS UpLift™ ?

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The MOS UpLift™ is an assisted, multi-sport lift system that makes it easy to load sports and outdoor equipment on the top of your car. Plus, with its unique deployment system, the MOS UpLift™ is simplifying loading and unloading of your equipment up to 85lb with a deployment of 2 feet (61 cm).

The MOS UpLift™ differs from roof racks on the market because :

-it lowers from the roof onto the side of the car, providing an additional 2 feet of deployment range compared to roof racks;

-it maintains horizontal alignment throughout deployment, allowing compatibility with most sports and outdoor equipment such as kayaks, road and mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, and roof boxes;

-it goes directly to the crossbars and is compatible with many mounting accessories;

-it has a load capacity of 85lb and assists up to 75% of the load;

-it requires minimal handling during installation and use;

-it is proudly made in Québec!