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Which information should I consider before buying the MOS Rack?

Before buying the MOS Rack, you should take into consideration these following elements:

  • Only oval or square heavy-duty roof bars with a loading capacity of 165 lbs or more are compatible with the MOS Rack;
  • Width adjustment of your roof bars must be between 61 cm and 106 cm;
  • Not all types of equipment and accessories are compatible with the MOS Rack. Visit the technical sheet section to ensure compatibility of your equipment and accessories with the MOS Rack;
  • At any time, you must respect road regulations in force as well as the security rules of your vehicle and roof rack.

Number of equipment that can be installed on the MOS Rack:

2 road bikes 1 fat bike 1 to 2 mountain bikes 1 electric bike 1 kayak 1 cargo box 2 pairs of skis 1 to 2 surfboards

Unique assisted deployment mechanism – up to 70 pounds.

Our unique system offers an assisted deployment up to 70 pounds which enables a quick and secure storage of your sports and outdoor equipment on your car roof.

Unfolds on the side of the car, 51 cm lower.

Keep both feet on the ground! When deployed on the side of the car, the MOS Rack allows to load and unload all your gear, 51 cm lower while granting an additional 86 cm reach.

Simple installation in less than 5 minutes, directly on your ultra robust cross bars

With its simple and safe fastening system, the MOS Rack can be installed in less than 5 minutes, directly on your ultra-robust cross bars. Your cross bars must be square, rectangular or oval and have a loading capacity of 165 pounds or more.

Width adjustment according to your crossbars

Width adjustment to fit your cross bars. We recommend a minimum width adjustment of 61 cm and a maximum of 106 cm to ensure optimal performance of the MOS Rack.

Private demo:

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