World’s most functional car roof rack

We believe that current car roof racks aren’t designed to fit people’s need.

Loading and unloading equipment becomes, too often, a sport in itself. Thanks to the unique assisted lifting system of the MOS Rack, it is now possible to easily load and unload equipement on top of your car within reach.

The MOS Rack lets you focus on what’s most important: fully live your greatest adventures without compromise and go where nature calls you. It’s finally time to play outside!

Unfolds on the side of the car, 51 cm lower.

Keep both feet on the ground! When deployed on the side of the car, the MOS Rack allows to load and unload all your gear, 51 cm lower while granting an additional 86 cm reach.

The sleek and durable design of the MOS Rack

The aluminum and stainless-steel parts of the MOS Rack give it greater durability against bad weather conditions in all seasons.

The black matte anodized & powder-coated parts offer an elegant look while ensuring the robustness of the finish.

Unique assisted deployment mechanism – up to 70 pounds.

Our unique system offers an assisted deployment up to 70 pounds which enables a quick and secure storage of your sports and outdoor equipment on your car roof.

Made to fit your accessories with 20 x 20 mm T slots or large around the bars fasteners

The mounting surface of the MOS Rack is equipped with 20 x 20 mm T slot grooves that enable you to slide and secure your favorite accessories, e.g. bike racks or ski racks.

It is also possible to mount accessories that tighten around the bars with large fasteners (8,5 cm (2,7”) width or more x 3,18 cm (1,25”) height or more) like cargo boxes like cargo boxes
or gear that requires strapping such as kayaks or surfboards.

Simple installation in less than 5 minutes, directly on your ultra robust cross bars

With its simple and safe fastening system, the MOS Rack can be installed in less than 5 minutes, directly on your ultra-robust cross bars.

Your cross bars must be square, rectangular or oval and have a loading capacity of 165 pounds or more.

Width adjustment according to your crossbars

Width adjustment to fit your cross bars. We recommend a minimum width adjustment of 61 cm and a maximum of 106 cm to ensure optimal performance of the MOS Rack.

The MOS Rack is a complementary addition

To attach your bike to the MOS Rack, you will need a roof rack that is not included with the MOS Rack. The MOS Rack is compatible with the majority of accessories and equipment on the market (bicycle doors, kayak cradles, ski racks, cargo boxes).


All your gear in reach, quite simply. The MOS Rack’s unique system makes it the handiest roof rack on the market; The only roof rack you can access as easily as the trunk.

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