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How to install the MOS UpLift™ on the top of my car ?

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Refer to our User Guide and review the safety instructions before installing and using the MOS UpLift™ or any other system on your vehicle.

The MOS UpLift™ installs on oval, square or rectangular shaped crossbars up to 3.5″ (9 cm) wide with a load capacity of at least 165 lbs.

The MOS UpLift™ attaches to the crossbars using fasteners around the bars with bolts and star nuts.

We recommend installing the MOS UpLift™ on your vehicle with the help of another person.

Watch our installation video for more information.

To validate the compatibility of your vehicle, roof racks, mounting accessories and equipment with the MOS UpLift™, see the User Guide.

*Our team has tested the MOS UpLift™ with several types of crossbars, but has not tested it on all models and brands available on the market. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of the MOS UpLift™ with your equipment. When installing the MOS UpLift™, if you find that it is not compatible with your equipment, contact MOS or dealer customer service for return and refund policy.