At MOS, our mission is to conceive the most simple and unique products for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers who seek to live epic and memorable experiences.


MOS is a proud Quebec City-based company, founded in 2017 by two young nature lovers and sports enthusiast entrepreneurs, Joey & Frederic.

MOS’s ultimate goal is to build a sustainable company, recognized internationally to set the norms when it comes to easy gear transportation. We want people to shift paradigms and expect nothing less than the product standards we set, from the car to the sport, within seconds!

Ultimately, our greatest wish is to enable people to reconnect with nature by sharing unique experiences and memorable stories.

MOS, a memorable story

It is in May of 2015 that everything started for MOS, the two co-founders, Joey and Frédéric, met during a Startup Weekend, a business generation event. With his background in entrepreneurship and innovative management, Joey shared his idea to build a handy roof rack, a rack that you can access as easily as the trunk, that would allow athletes and nomads to carry their equipment effortlessly; This is the premise that led to the invention of the MOS Rack. Frédéric, an industrial designer and passionate for white water kayaking, was immediately interested by this innovation and saw in the MOS Rack the opportunity to design a unique product that would meet every nature lovers’ desire for evasion and adventure.

After months of validation with car roof rack users, the lack of simplicity and accessibility to the car roof appeared to be a widespread problem. People who aspire in living great experiences, exciting adventures and passionate sports, seek for a roof rack as a way to carry all the equipment they need. Though, getting access to the gear should not be part of the sport. At MOS, we believe that car equipment storage needs to evolve, loading and unloading equipment should not be out of anybody’s reach. Our primary goal is to maximize the experience of gear transportation for those who desire to escape, take the sport out storing equipment and put it where it belongs, in the great outdoors.

With this in mind, our team, composed of industrial designers, product designers, mechanical engineers, and business people, designed the very first MOS product, the MOS Rack; the world’s most reachable car roof rack.

What truly matters

Pushing people to go play outside

Studies show that spending 15 minutes per day in nature contributes to people’s well-being by making them feel less stressed, happier, in better physical condition and ultimately helping to prevent mental health problems. Furthermore, we believe that if people spend more time playing outside, they’ll cherish more nature, resulting in people committed to protecting our Planet. 

Create unique and sustainable products

We do not only want to do things differently; we want to make them better. MOS is committed in not simply redesigning existing products, but to create unique, functional and sustainable objects and experiences that will last in time.

Promote sharing

We worship the importance of sharing and of collaboration amongst people and organizations for the good of our society. Sharing is also to live unique and rallying experiences and to share memorable stories with meaningful people. Sharing is caring.


We are a bunch of dynamic and passionate people who want to position MOS as a key player in the outdoor industry.

Joey Hébert, Founder and CEO

Joey is the founder and CEO of MOS. He has a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management and is currently doing his MBA in Strategy and Innovation. After attending and participating many Startups Weekends, Joey developed his passion for entrepreneurship and the idea of the MOS Rack. His constant desire to improve things around him makes him think outside the box, seeking for a way to innovate. His strong and determined personality is a real asset for the company when it comes to communicate the project vigorously and to bring his team to a common goal.

Frédéric Laurin-Lalonde, Cofounder and Lead designer

Frédéric is co-founder and lead designer at MOS. He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, and he is in charge of the product development team. Frédéric is also the founder of Atelier Carcajou, a multidisciplinary industrial design company specialized in projects for startups. Passionate for outdoor sports such as kayak and ski, Frédéric sees MOS as an excellent opportunity to combine his interests and his work.

Amanda Bilodeau, Administrative officer

Amanda is a full-time employee at MOS since January 2018 and is responsible for administrative aspects and business development. Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is achieving her MBA in strategy and innovation at Laval University. Passionate for travelling and running, she adapts quickly to any situation and favors simplicity and rigor at work. For Amanda, being part of the team MOS is a unique opportunity to combine her passion for adventure and outdoor with the business world.

Baptiste Mausset, Project manager in product research & development

Baptiste is a full-time industrial designer and is responsible of the product development at MOS. He sees in the design and in the project the opportunity to design functional, useful and durable products while having at heart to reduce its social and environmental impact. From France, Baptiste brings a different perspective to challenges that MOS team meets. For him, MOS and the integration of aboriginal roots is a way to connect with Quebec history and the great outdoors. Whether by foot, on a bike or on the water, Baptiste like to explore in nature to live memorable experiences; that is how he finds his ideas, being the user of the products he designs.
That could be you!

Our commitments

MOS values sharing and mutual support between individuals and organizations. That’s why it’s important for us to support and encourage those parties with whom we share common vision and values. In this way we can contribute in our own way to a more positive impact on our society.
Just like MOS, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) is dedicated to the health, mobility and fitness of Canadians.

Visit website.

The Tapiskwan Collective is an Atikamekw collective that spreads the Atikamekw culture and shows First Nation youths that their identity and creativity are recognized and valued.

Visit website.

Gran Fondo Eco creates uniques bike events that provide their participants with the freedom to ride at a desired speed in a spirit of camaraderie. These cycling events are of professional standards regardless of the caliber or abilities of participants, allowing everyone to live their moment of glory and their own challenge, no matter their caliber or abilities.

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Our collaborators

Our financial partners

Without the trust and support of our financial partners, our project would not have been possible. Thank you!

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