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Maintenance of your MOS UpLift™ roof rack during the winter

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Maintenance of your roof rack during winter

You’ve purchased a MOS UpLift™ and are wondering how have a proper maintenance of your roof rack during winter. You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll tell you how to maintain your MOS UpLift™ in the winter, depending on how you use it. Indeed, proper maintenance of your product will extend its life and ensure proper operation.

Maintaining your roof rack during the winter if it is used 

As discussed in our article on the different uses of the MOS UpLift™ during the winter, you can use your roof rack to carry your skis or snowboards, your fatbike, and even your roof box. Is this your case? Know that maintenance of your roof rack during winter is almost as easy as during the summer. Here’s what we recommend you do: 

1. First, make sure you clear the snow off the MOS UpLift™ before you hit the road ;

2. Next, clean the handle and pistons on a regular basis. This will help prevent dirt such as salt and rock from accumulating. You can use a microfiber cloth to do this; 

3. Finally, make sure the silicone cap on the lock is securely in place to prevent dirt and ice from entering the lock and limiting its use.

Maintenance of the MOS UpLift™ if stored

Then, in case you don’t plan to use your roof rack during the winter, we recommend removing it from your car’s roof and storing it. This will avoid unnecessary gas consumption and extend the life of your product. We therefore recommend that you store it in a place that respects the following criteria as much as possible: 

  1. That is not exposed to the sun ; 
  2. That is not subject to extreme or changing temperatures;
  3. That is not exposed to high levels of humidity.

Good places we suggest are your basement, or your garage if it is heated. 

After that, before storing your MOS UpLift™ roof rack for the winter, it is important to perform the following steps: 

  1. Clean your roof rack to remove accumulated dirt. Avoid using thinner or solvents, as they can damage the MOS UpLift™ ;
  2. Be sure to do a thorough check of each component for signs of wear, fatigue or breakage. If necessary, replacement parts are available.

Also, if the area where you store your MOS UpLift™ is restricted, be aware that you can disassemble your product so that you can separate the two uprights from the crossbar. All you need to do is perform the reverse steps of assembly. The whole process is outlined in our User Guide

That’s it! You now have everything you need to be able to properly maintain your roof rack during the winter, whether you use it to transport your skis or snowboards, your fatbike or you store it.

The MOS team